Pastor Emeritus

Robert Hackler

Brother Hackler has been in the church for 50 years. He was saved June 21st 1958 at the Green Valley Apostolic Church in Nashville Indiana. He and his wife of 50 years served as Assistant Pastor and Youth leader at Broadview Pentecostal church in Bloomington, IN, then as Pastor of that church for 9 years. He came to Frankfort in 1975 as Pastor, was pastor until June 1, 2004 and became Pastor Emeritus. He returned as Pastor July 2006 until Oct 1 2007 when he again became Pastor Emeritus. He served Indiana District UPCI as Sunday School Secretary and then Director and is currently serving as Media Mission Director for the last 10 years. Sister Hackler served on the Indiana Ladies Department for 20 years, 16 years as president, 3 years as sectional director and one year as secretary.

  July 2021  
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