Jon Hussey

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Pastor Hussey was born again in November 1987 at Word Aflame Tabernacle in Macon Georgia, while on leave from the Air Force. He met and married Pamela Walters while stationed in North Dakota. After his service he and his wife moved to Macon Georgia and attended Word Aflame Tabernacle under the leadership of Pastor R.E. Johnson. While at Word Aflame Tabernacle he served as, Outreach Director and Bible Quizzing Coordinator. While in Georgia their first of five children, Nathan, was born. In 1994 he and family moved to Bismarck North Dakota under the leadership of his father in-law, Pastor David O. Walters. There Pastor Hussey served as Outreach Director, Youth Leader, Assistant Pastor, and Associate Pastor. He also served as the North Dakota Youth Secretary for many years. While in North Dakota he and his wife had four more children, Carrie, David, Bethany, and Alaina. On September 10th 2007 Pastor and Sister Hussey and family relocated to Zion Apostolic Tabernacle where they continue to serve and work for the Lord.
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  July 2021  
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