“The Beauty of Christian Homes” by Kenneth Bow, Gospel Tidings 9/1989
While Israel wandered without direction, homeless in a trackless wilderness, God gave them a plan. His plan was to set the tabernacle in the midst of his people, the hub of the wheel. All revolved around the tabernacle. The center of their daily existence. Visible. Prominent. Central.
They also followed the tabernacle. Wherever it was set up they followed. The cloud and the pillar of fire gave them supernatural direction.
God still desires the church to be the center of our lives. Our lives should resolve around the church! When the church moves or gives direction we should follow.
Many people today build their lives around a career. They unconsciously teach their children that their career is most important. But God wants our lives built around the church.
As a family you need to be involved. Youth activities, fund raisers, Sunday School promotions, revivals should find you there. The more involved your family becomes in the church the greater chance of saving your children. Raise your family to be involved in everything the church does. Make the church the center of your lives, the center of the wheel. This is your greatest way to save your family. Keep them in church, busy and happy.
You can decide to be the most involved family in your church. Your children will be blessed, your family will be stronger. Build your life around the tabernacle and escort your family to the new Jerusalem!